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What is the difference between transudate and exudate?

  Exudates usually form when there is a disruption to a blood vessel, while transudates form from increased hydrostatic pressure with an intact vessel wall. The results ar (MORE)

How do you prepare a canine ear exudate cytology slide?

Using a sterile cotton swab, gently remove some of the exudate from the dog's ear. Place the exudate on a glass microscope slide and, pressing firmly, smear the exudate across (MORE)

What is hemoserous exudate?

"Haemoserous Exudate" is medical terminology used when referring to the fluid being exuded from the body from a severe wound such as from an accident or surgery.  It refers (MORE)

Difference between transudate and exudate?

transudate is non inflammatory fluid.exsudate is inflammatory fluid. transudate contain less amount of protein where exudate is rich in protien. specific gravity of transu (MORE)

What is the name of a water-exuding pore on a leaf?

Hydathode   *   A hydathode is actually a gland that secretes water. A pore through which water vapor leaves the leaf is a stoma (plural stomata), also called a stomat (MORE)

What is the difference between pus and exudation?

Pus is a type of purulent exudate or exudation from a wound,  abscesses, or sore. Pus is a white-yellowish substance associated  with bacterial infections. However, there ar (MORE)