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Why do eyes have color?

your eyes have color because the color is in your DNA, along with your skin color, hair color, etc.
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What color can your eyes be?

  your eyes could range from any shades of brown, blue, green, and hazel. They could also be a light red or pink if one is albino. It is also possible that you could have (MORE)
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Who do you get your eye color from?

The genetics of eye color are more complicated than previously thought. Color is determined by multiple genes. The genetics of eye color are so complex, that almost any parent (MORE)
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How do eyes get there color?

Eye color is based on the amount and type of pigments in the iris of the eye.
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Why do you have color in your eyes?

The color in your eye is the iris. It contains different pigments that give color to your body, like melanin. The color depends on your genetics and the dominant/recessive all (MORE)
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Why do have color in eyes?

    The muscles that make the pupil smaller or bigger, or the retina, contain pigment, and the color of pigment is based on your genes.
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How do your eyes have a color?

Your color has eyes from pigments, and genetics. Brown eyes are dominant, and blue eyes are recessive. So if you have a male with brown eyes, and a blue recessive gene, and a (MORE)
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How do you get color in your eye?

there is no way to get color in your eye, it is genetic from your parents, so how you get eye color in your eye is genetic to what color eyes your parents have, and there is n (MORE)