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Does Blair choose dan or chuck?

The decision will be made at the season 5 finale, no cliffhangers about that, the decision will be made, but E!Online said that Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick at the Harry W (MORE)

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What is the Blair Witch project?

The Blair Witch Project is a documentary of 3 teenagers. They went up into the Blair Woods to make a documentary for school about the Blair Witch legend. The movie is spposed (MORE)

What country did the last name Ezell come from?

The Ezell name, without veering too far from the current spelling, has been traced back to 1700 Scrooby in Nottinghamshire, England (UK). Unfortunately, this is where anyone t (MORE)

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Is the Blair witch real?

Sorry to spoil the money making vilification of witches worldwide but NO it is not real. The "legend" was a total fabrication by the film writer/directors Daniel Myrick and (MORE)

What does Blair mean?

From Gaelic (Celtic origin), the name is pronounced as Blare. Blair means field or plain. Earlier during 1080s, it was as a feminine name. This name meaning pasture, grassland (MORE)

What does Linda Blair look like?

If you saw THE EXORCIST, you will be able to see that Linda Blair has light brown wavy hair with dark brown or green eyes. Sh s pale, with a round face shape. And she is super (MORE)

What did Tony Blair do for the UK?

It very much depends on which side of the political spectrum you are and not a question that can be answered simply. To be brief. After a decade and a half of Conservative (MORE)

What party is Tony Blair?

  Tony Blair was (and still is as far as anyone knows) a member of the Labour party and had been a Labour MP since 1983. Tony Blair resigned from parliament within hours o (MORE)