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What does Blair mean?

From Gaelic (Celtic origin), the name is pronounced as Blare. Blair means field or plain. Earlier during 1080s, it was as a feminine name. This name meaning pasture, grassland (MORE)

Who is Blair fowler?

Blair Fowler is a YouTube beauty GURU under the screen name juicystar07 and a vlogger under the screen name otherjuicystar07, she also has a twitter account juicstar007. She h (MORE)
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Who is Blair elkin?

Blair Elken is an anagram for Ellen Barkin. When Barkin and husband Ron Perelman split, she famously auctioned off the jewelry she received from him. The auction house was Chr (MORE)

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What country did the last name Ezell come from?

The Ezell name, without veering too far from the current spelling, has been traced back to 1700 Scrooby in Nottinghamshire, England (UK). Unfortunately, this is where anyone t (MORE)