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What does testa mean in latin?

The original meaning of testa is "a brick; an item of pottery." In the sense of "clay pot" it became a slang term for the head, and is the origin of the modern French tête an (MORE)

How does ezio die?

Ezio Auditore died peacefully at the age of 65 in his hometown of Florence, Italy after settling down and having 2 children (Marcello and Flavia Auditore). He tutored a young (MORE)

When ezio auditore died?

Ezio Auditore da Firenze died at the age of 64 in the short animated film Assassins Creed Embers, which was released along with the game Assassins Creed Revelations. He died o (MORE)

What is ezios religion?

He doesn't have one because assassins don't really worship in anything Also: He believes in epicness.
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Is ezio and altair brothers?

Yes they are for altair was son of umar and ezio was son of giovanni auditore altair get out of his house for altair was assassins and after many years come ezio and his fathe (MORE)

What is Ezio Auditore's real history?

Ezio Auditore was a real person, so was the brotherhood of assassins, but it was nowhere near as exciting as the story made it out to be, he was simply the governor of Auditor (MORE)

Is ezio Christian?

Yes he is,mit says it in the wiki. Although at the same time it's not against the bible or against the code of the creed. Ezio Fought for freedom god gives us freedom...

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