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Why are the hornets called the hornets?

The Hornets basketball team originated in Charlotte, North  Carolina. The team was named after a quote by General Cornwallis to  the effect that the people of Charlotte were (MORE)

How fast is the f-18 superhornet?

  The Boeing F/A 18 Hornet has been the equipment of the Blue Angels since 1986. The F/A 18 Super Hornet was derived from the earlier F/A 18 Hornet. There are two types of (MORE)

How fast is a f-18 super hornet?

A F-18 super hornet has a maximum speed of Mach 1.8 (1,190 mph, 1,900 km/h) at 40,000 ft (12,190 m)
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Was The F-18 hornet in the Vietnam war?

The Grumman F14 TOMCAT was the newest USN jet during the Viet War, and may have seen some flights over "some" hostile territory in Vietnam, possibly covering the final evacuat (MORE)

What is a hornet?

It is like a wasp or a bee. It could sting you and it is much worse than one of the other bugs that sting you.. BE CAREFUL! THEIR NESTS LOOK KIND OF LIKE DIAMOND SHAPED. THEY (MORE)

Are there hornets in Greece?

Hello there, im just a normal person in a normal country called...  Greece   and the answer to your question is YES and NO   Lets explain why YES:   Today i saw i (MORE)

Do the Blue Angels fly the F-18 Hornet?

The Blue Angels do not fly the F-18. They do fly the F/A-18 and the C-130T Hercules, nicknamed "Fat Albert" for support. Members of the 2013 U.S. Navy Blue Angels are:Flying B (MORE)