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What word can be formed with the letters d r a I g u f?

Just checked with an anagram solver. There are no 7 letter words you can make with those, There are no 6 letter words either. Guard is the largest word you can form
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What seven letter word can be formed using the letters e u z c t f s l l e f r?

Seven letter words that can be spelled with the letters  'euzctfsllefr' are:    cluster   effects   fluster   fretful   fuelers   fullest   lect (MORE)

What poetry is cited in r f delderfields Diana?

On Foxhayes edge go scatter my ashes above the ground in sunlit splashes, Where all about my powdered bones the trefoil weaves between the stones. Where what I was feeds foxg (MORE)

What words can be made with these letters f i r e r r h s t u b f?

3-letter words bet, bis, bit, brr, bur, bus, but, eff, efs, eft, err, ers, eth, feh, fer, fet, feu, fib, fie, fir, fit, fub, fur, her, hes, het, hie, his, hit, hub, hue, hut, (MORE)

What is the next letters in the sequence d r m f s l?

t.    The letters you have stated are the first letters of each of the solfege names in music:   do, re, mi, fa, sol, la.    The next solfege is ti, so the n (MORE)

What is f-f transition?

  f-f transition: the transition of an electron from an f orbital which is lower in energy to an f orbital which is higher in energy is a f-f transition.
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How did J. R. R. Tolkien want the final 'f' pronounced differently than an 'f' anywhere else in a word?

There has been much discussion on this topic. Since the name,  Gandalf, comes from Westron the language of the Northern Men  who originally called him a wand-elf, the name s (MORE)