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Does fabric softener make clothing weaker?

no, it deposits oil on the clothes, making them soft...but making them easier to get dirty. Try an extra wash rinse instead..the clothes will be softer when you get them dry.
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How do you make fabric softener?

Find yourself a clean one gallon plastic jug. 1 cup of Baking soda 1 cup of water Slowly add 6 cups of pure white distilled vinegar. It will fizz, do this slowly. Add (MORE)

How can glycerin be used as fabric softener?

  Glycerine fabric softner   one cup of glycerine one gallon of water add essential oil for scent if desired ( orange is nice )
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Is horse fat in fabric softener?

  No. Early fabric softeners incorporated "treated" tallow, oil or fat mixed with a bit of soap in some kind emulsion to cut the "harsh" feel that cotton and similar fabri (MORE)

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