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What is facet hypertrophy?

Background/Anatomy The spine has 23 total pairs (46) of facet joints located at the back or rear portion of the spinal column. These are special gliding joints that are made (MORE)
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What does faceted mean?

Answer 1 . Until an expert can improve this answer, I submit the following layman's opinion.. Regarding gemstones, it means having many non-paralell surfaces cut or ground (MORE)
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What is facet sclerosis?

A person's spine consists of vertebrae which lock together through small bones called facets, thus creating the spine. In facet sclerosis, the facets have become malformed due (MORE)
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What is facet cubism?

Facet cubism or analytical cubism is the type of work Braque and Picasso did 1909-1912. They broke down form into fragments (facets), color was not of interest.
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What are the Facets of personality?

personality is dynamic and multi faceted with emphasis on each factor having significance in both depth and time. common facets include........................................ (MORE)

How do you pronounce facet?

The correct pronunciation in the jewelry trade is "fa-sit" not "Faw-sit" For an audio sample, visit this webpage: (MORE)

What is lumbar facet?

The facet joints help support weight-bearing and control movement between vertebrae of the spine. There are two facet joints (one on each side) at each spinal segment. These j (MORE)

What is a diamond facet?

A diamond facet is a surface on a diamond, generally cut by a diamond cutter. Facets are flat and their purpose is to reflect light.