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What are facts?

A fact is a true statement. It is something people can prove. Example: The Sun rises in the east. The human beings are in the plant kingdom is not a fact.
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What is fact less fact table?

A fact Less fact is a fatc without numeric or aggregatable value.Used to collect STATS in table
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What are facts about The Who?

formed in 1964 . a crowd crush killed 11 fans at one of their concerts . first studio album was My Generation . lead singer is Roger Daltrey
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What are facts about fact?

Some facts about facts are: . To be a fact, the statement must be true . Facts are not opinions. . Facts can be verified as true.
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What are facts about the ASPCA?

You may have misspelt a word. WikiAnswers suggests RSPCA, which stands for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The RSPCA is a service that makes sure (MORE)
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What are facts about chips?

1) Chips are yummy. 2) Types: potato bbq hot 'n' spicy To see more, look up chips-wikipedia.
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What is a fact family with only facts?

There cannot be such a family because of self-reference. It is similar to the Russell paradox (named after Bertrand Russell). As soon as you have a fact family with only two (MORE)
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What are the facts about?

there last war was march the 8th 2012 a child hand and to be cut open to get the bullet out
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How can facts be facts when they aren't the same?

Assuming you are referring to facts that are contradictory. It depends on the circumstances, the situation and any variables involved. For instance water is a gas above 100 (MORE)