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What is a factor?

Factor: a number or algebraic expression by which another isexactly divisible. In the statement 9 x 4 = 36, 9 and 4 are factors of 36. A factor of a whole number is any one of (MORE)

What is factorization?

"In mathematics, factorization ( also factorisation in British English ) or factoring is the decomposition of an object (for example, a number, a polynomial, or a matr (MORE)

How do you do factorization?

You'll have to find out how to make it!Like 36 what makes 36 . 9x4 make 36 so make a tree and Youll have to find out what make 9. 3x3 = 9 and find out what makes 4. 2x2 = 4. 2 (MORE)

What is the it factor?

If I understand your question correctly, the "It" factor is part ofa person's projection of their personality. In other words, theyhave something very special that sets them a (MORE)

What do you do when you have factors?

Gag answer: A little penicillin will clear that right up. Annoying answer: Anything you want. Answer with a question: What would you like to do with them? Superfluous an (MORE)