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What is a faculty?

A faculty is a division within a university or college comprising one subject area, or a number of relatedsubject areas. In American usage, such divisions are generallyref (MORE)

What is faculty?

  Faculty is a collective group of people that one hires to manage work, an example of this would be like a teacher is a memeber of a school's faculty.
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Where can you get staffs?

You can acquire staff for your business by getting virtual dedicated staff from a reputable BPO Offshore Outsourcing company.
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What are intellectual faculties?

  According to leading philosophers and teachers our intellectual faculties are those gifts of the mind that distinguishes us as co-creators.   They are as follows:  (MORE)
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Is it staff are or staff is?

The noun 'staff' is singular. The correct verb is: The staff  is...    Examples:   The entire staff is going to the picnic.   The blank staff is used to write (MORE)