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What is Garth Brook's greatest achievement?

The Recording Industry Association of America announced that Garth Brooks was the best-selling solo artist of the 20th century in America. The RIAA has since reexamined their (MORE)

What name did Garth Brooks use before he was Garth Brooks?

He was born, Troyal Garth Brooks (see but at after he became famous as Garth Brooks he did make an album under the name Chris Gaines. There was supposed to be a (MORE)

Why no Garth brooks on you tube?

i'm not totally positive but i think it's like the reason why he isn't on i tunes. he wants people to actually go out and buy the album or videos instead of being able to just (MORE)

Who is jenny Garth?

It's JennIE and she is an actress and she helps witha lot of charities. She was in Beverly Hills 90210, What I Like About You, Lots of movies like Power 98, Falling For You, A (MORE)
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Is Garth kemp divorced?

As of May 2014, Garth Kemp is divorced from his spouse. Garth Kemp  is a well known meteorologist in Los Angeles.

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