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How do people faint?

a clog plugs your brain so it can't transfer information to your  body so you're basically senseless so you fall down

Does gackt faint?

well, he had kinda fainted after many of his concerts... due to being too tired during the concerts.... i guess?
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How can you faint?

Here are reasons WHY you faint: Lack of sleep Epileptic (lack of iron in your body) Illness Exhaustion Lack of oxygen Body temperature too high Here is HOW you f (MORE)
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How do you faint?

1) you crouch down and take 26 deep and fast breathes 2) once youv'e done that you stand up realy fast 3) close your eyes and holed your breathe you will feel a bit imag (MORE)
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Can fainting kill you?

If you suffer from injury and you happen to bang your head or some other fatal body part, yes. It can kill you, otherwise i don't think so.

How can fainting be prevented?

If you feel faint you need to get your head below the rest of your body or at least flat with the rest of your body, i.e., lie down or sit with your head lowered between your (MORE)

Can you sleep after fainting?

Yes. Fainting and sleep are two unrelated things. Fainting is the result of temporary loss of blood pressure to the brain. Sleep is a different state within the brain itself, (MORE)

What does faint mean?

As a verb, to lose consciousness suddenly. As an adjective, it can mean about to lose consciousness ("I feel faint; give me some smelling salts") or indistinct ("This old writ (MORE)

What causes fainting?

Most commonly a sudden drop in blood pressure causes fainting. Blood stops reaching places it should be - like your brain - and you lose consciousness. Extreme conditions are (MORE)