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How do you faint?

1) you crouch down and take 26 deep and fast breathes 2) once youv'e done that you stand up realy fast 3) close your eyes and holed your breathe you will feel a bit imag (MORE)
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Why do you faint?

In an evolutionary sense, it doesn't seem beneficial that you should faint when you lack sufficient oxygen. In the wild, lying unconscious isn't the best option and you risk p (MORE)
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How can a person faint?

Any situation where the brain is starved of oxygen will cause a person to faint. For instance the fashion in Victorian times was to for woman to wear tight fitting corsetts. (MORE)

What do you do if you faint?

If you see a celebrity like Guy Pearce or Vanessa Hudgens and they give you their autograph you faint, and then maybe they pick you up and say: I found a 15 year old girl her (MORE)

How can you faint?

Here are reasons WHY you faint: Lack of sleep Epileptic (lack of iron in your body) Illness Exhaustion Lack of oxygen Body temperature too high Here is HOW you (MORE)
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How do you stop from fainting?

there isn't really a way but you just need to take deep breaths put your head between your legs if u feel like fainting
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Can you faint?

when you see this really nasty looking girl named brooke ayers therefore yes you can !

Did I faint?

Hi, I wanna know if I fainted cuz I'm really confused. Well I was standing up and I felt dizzy and my vision was starting to go. My ears started to ring and the last thing I s (MORE)