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Can you be a fairy?

no you cant if you are born human you stay human if you are born Fairy you stay fairy simple! well actually you can be born as human and then when your 3 months old if yo ( Full Answer )
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What does fairies do?

some people believe they collect petals every season to make their new summer or winter outfits, play with the birds or swing on trees.. but there are some things about fairi ( Full Answer )
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Where are fairys?

Fairy's are where flowers and a forest is. They may not seem real but they are.
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How do you get fairies?

You don't. To capture a fairy is not only extremely bad luck, but you would also anger the Hollow community.
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How can you get a fairy?

By: building a fairy house because the fairy house is good for attracting a fairies
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What fairy are you?

I am not a fairy, however, I have a friend named Choto who is. I'm not sure what your question means, but... she's a fairy. Not a pixie or imp, just a regular fairy. Your ques ( Full Answer )
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Who is a fairy?

Tinker bell, Rosetta,Silvermist,.... and many more! all the fairies have been track down and was dead, except for some who was still hiding. probably camouflaging like flowers ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get a fairies?

They sell them at Walmart. Demand you need to talk to a manager and say if you don't get fairies your are suing them for 1,000,000, If they do not give you fairies sue them
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What are the fairies?

Fairy is the nature spirits they live everywhere but if u want to have a fairy u need to build a fairy house because the fairy house is a good way to attract a fairies.
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What not to do to a fairy?

Don't harm it treat it as a human fairies are very shy and sensitive creatures take care of it