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What is a subverted fairy tale?

A subverted fairytale is an unconventional fairytale, which means the unexpected happens (something untraditional happens). For example, usually in a fairytale the princess/ma (MORE)

Is 'Treasure Island' a fairy tale?

  If you're thinking of "Treasure Island" by Robert Louis Stevenson, no it's not. It's a children's book, but a novel, not a fairy tale. Fairy tales are shorter and includ (MORE)

What are some fairy tale elements?

Exposition The beginning of the fairy tale is called exposition. It is the description of place and time period the action takes place. The most common exposition is "Once up (MORE)

Is Alice in Wonderland a fairy tale?

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland would be described as a fairy tale by some, but not by others. The classification of books into different genres is not absolute, it is more a (MORE)

What are fairy tales?

  Fairy tales are normally stories that are told to little children that have morals or meanings. They also normally have a hint of magic in them (hence the word "fairy"). (MORE)

Why are fairy tales still popular?

Possible/probable reasons People grow up with them, have a fond memory of reading with their parents, and so they read them to their kids, who then grow up with them and cont (MORE)

How can you tell a story is a fairy tale?

you can tell when normally there is a princess and a prince evil ppl and a happy ending there is always some fantasy in them DRAGONS KNIGHTS PRINCESSES PRINCES HAPPY ENDING! t (MORE)