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By what time does ghusal have to be made after sex or can it be made after fajr?

Ghusl should be made straight after andsexual relations. If you do fall asleep then at least try to make ghusl before sehri ends. It is sinful to delay ghusl till fajr unneces (MORE)
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How many rakaats are there in fajr namaaz?

Two rakaats for Fajr. It is recommended to make a sunnah of two rakaats before Fajr praying. However, if you missed to pray the Fajr before sunrise then it is recommended to p (MORE)

What is the calculation method for fajr Anthan in Aachen Germany?

the Athan is said the same as usuall RecitalArabicTransliterationTranslation4xالله أكبرAllahu AkbarGod is Greatest2xأشهد أن لا اله إلا اللهAsh-hadu a (MORE)