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Why do hamsters have fur?

Now, I'm not sure if I can specifically say this for hamsters only, but pretty much, based on experiences, I can tell that the reason why animals in general have fur, is to ke (MORE)
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Do flowers have fur?

no flowers do not have fur... but if you look at them closely it may look like fur but its not- its pollen ... and in the spring the pollen falls off of the flowers and into t (MORE)
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What is fake fur made from?

Fake fur is a type of textile fabric fashioned to simulate genuine animal fur. It is known as a pile fabric and is typically made from polymeric fibers that are processed, dye (MORE)

Is God fake or is the Devil fake?

If you are asking for an agnostic's point of view, the response is generally along the lines of "I don't see any hard evidence that god or the devil exist, but I have not comp (MORE)

Does fungi have fur?

No, fungi doe not have any fur because it is part of most plants. But it does have a furry soft texture that can grow on it.

How to stop fake furs from shedding on clothes?

Machine wash on "delicate" in cold water. Use the machine's shortest cycle and an ordinary bleach-free detergent. Air or line dry only. Do not put in the dryer! Even the lowes (MORE)
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Are there mammals with no fur?

First Answer: No. Fur (hair) is one of the requirements of being a mammal even if you shave every hair off your body. Every mammal is born with hair follicles, which makes the (MORE)

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