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Can you ride a falabella?

NEVER, even as a baby, EVER Ride a Falabella. Although they areathletic and highly intelligent, even by a small child riding aFalabella can permanently damage the horses back, (MORE)
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What is a falabella?

FALABELLA IS NOT A HORSE FOR HOWRSE.COM IT IS A REAL BREED! It comes from Argentina and is the smallest horse in the world. It rarley is any bigger than 30-31 inches and (MORE)
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On Howrse how do you get falabellas?

You can get Falabellas on howrse by buying them if anyone is selling them and promotions there is one currently running called wandering horses when you get all the horses yo (MORE)
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The falabella on Howrse is what?

A Falabella on Howrse is A horse that u can buy at the secret market in the shop in an equestrian center!! The Falabella is a miniature horse considered as a pet in the game (MORE)
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How do you get a falabella on Howrse?

You can get it from an equestrian center for your horse9they are rare in ECs), or you can buy it for your equestrian center but they cost a lot... or you can win in the lott (MORE)
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How big is a Falabella horse?

A Falabella horse can reach up to the hight of 7 hands (70 cm)! Hope this helped :D
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What is a falabella used for?

It's a miniature horse, smaller than shetland ponies and really kept as a pet or to show. Some hobby farmers use them to keep grass down, some have very small buggies made - j (MORE)
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Why are Falabellas so small?

Falabella's are so small because humans selectively bred them to bethat small. Breeders chose the smallest breeding stock they couldfind and bred them to create a very small m (MORE)