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How deep is Niagara Falls river?

It is about 170ft deep just below the fall. That is the deepest section of the river. It is also about 125ft deep in the whirlpool, below the whirlpool rapids.
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What is a summary of The Legend of Magat River?

The magat river is tale about the the girl who was swallow by the river and when the river spit her she turn into a beautiful girl. Then here's come a hunter named "magat"- a (MORE)
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Where is the house in Legends Of the fall?

This house stood on the Nakoda Stoney Nation west of Calgary overlooking the Bow River. It was left there after the movie but the locals vandalized it and eventually burned it (MORE)
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Where was the ranch at in the movie Legends of the Fall?

The filming location for the ranch scene was Ghost River, Alberta, Canada. The movie is set in Montana.
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