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What are friends?

Friends are people that you can talk to and always share your feelings with. You should always be able to trust them and you both should understand each other and help them th (MORE)

What do you do with your friends?

Go to each others houses to hang out, play video games, play sports in the summer or go the gym. Anything that's fun for both of you, or fun for that entire group. If you run (MORE)
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What does a false friend and a shadow attend only while the sun shines?

False friends (AKA fair-weather friends) only stick around during the prosperous and beneficial moments of your life (the 'sun is shining' moments). As soon as disaster strike (MORE)

What is Friends about?

FRIENDS is basically about six friends living in New York in their  late twenties-early thirties. It's a half-hour-per-episode comedy  and the three men and three women each (MORE)
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Differences between true and false friends?

True friends are friends through the bad times, as well as the  good. True friends listen to each other and help each other out.  False friends often cannot be found when yo (MORE)

What can you do if you have no friends?

I think you have friends. They're just not exactly your type and your real friends treat you badly. I know how that feels. You have friends at different schools, but you feel (MORE)

Why do we have friends?

We have friends because if we didn't then everybody would be walking around doing nothing, looking for somebody to play or talk with. Friends are our social peers outside the (MORE)

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