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How can you strenghten or lower your falsetto voice?

A voice coach is your best approach. One quick technique to get your vocal apparatus used to a change of range is to quickly bow at the waist at the moment that you initiate ( Full Answer )
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How do you sing in falsetto?

Good question. The ability to sing higher than your normal pitch by flipping to falsetto by using just a small portion of your vocal chords is what you're talking about. Some ( Full Answer )
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What is falsetto?

The term falsetto (Italian diminutive of falso , false) refers to the vocal register occupying the frequency range just above the modal voice register and overlapping w ( Full Answer )
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What does polyrhythmic falsetto mean?

It means that there are two or more male African singers singing in there highest register and the two people are singing different rhythms. i hope this answer is what you ( Full Answer )
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What is falsetto singing?

In singing, you have ranges called your Chest Voice and your Falsetto. When you use your chest voice you are singing in a comfortable range and you have a lot of power behind ( Full Answer )
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Use the word falsetto in a sentence?

Falsetto is a musical term that describes a singing technique. Anexample of a sentence using the word would be: Daniel sings some ofthe songs in falsetto.
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Is it possible to make your voice a falsetto?

It is possible! I was an alto but am now a soprano. It takes many yeasr of must learn to push your chest voice safely with out hurting yourself.
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What in music terms does falsetto mean?

falsetto : a form of vocal production used by male singers to extend their range upwards beyond its natural compass by limiting the vibration of the vocal cords.
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How do you use falsetto in a sentence?

Falsetto is a way for a man to sing higher than his normal range.He sang the chorus in a loud falsetto.
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Why can't I sing in falsetto anymore?

You may be having difficulty singing in falsetto is your voice has changed. You can try taking voice lessons to get your skills back on track.