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What is compaction in geology?

Compaction is one process leading to the formation of sedimentary rock by the pressing weight of overlying layers of sediment. Compaction leads to the formation of sediment (MORE)

What is compact cotton?

Compact cotton is a high-quality yarn. It is made by processing  extra-long staple cotton with a compact spinning system. The  process creates a strong yarn with very little (MORE)

What is a compact disc?

Answer   A compact disc is a secondary-storage disc for computers. It's capacity is about 700 MegaBytes.  
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What was the mayflowe compact?

The Mayflower Compact was an early example of social contract theory put into practice in America and laid the foundation for the state of Massachusetts. It can be said to ref (MORE)

What does the Error 1 code mean on the Compact Disc player?

  First, you have to know the manufacturer of the unit. Varyng manufacturers of CD players do not use the same codes, although there aren't that many manufacturers (and hu (MORE)
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What are compact tampons?

They are very small and fit in your hand so when you go to the bathroom to insert it, no one will know you have a tampon. Also you have to pull the applicator stick out until (MORE)

What is the fact family of 28 and 1?

Factoring means to break a number down to it's basic parts, or "factors". The basic parts of X are numbers that are multiplied together to get X. Take the number 28. Well it's (MORE)