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Should romance be capitalized when speaking about romance languages?

Yes, it should. The term comes from the fact that many of these languages are based on Latin, which was the language of the Romans. "Romance," in this case, means "of the Roma (MORE)

Do you like romance?

That question asks for an opinion. As of me, yes I like it. Our brains are wired such that we feel good when we know we are being loved and admired by someone. So most of us (MORE)

What is the combination for the game Romance Maker?

First you do the bud, then the book, then the egg, then the tools, then the stump, then the machine, then the hammer, and finally the arrow. Remember to watch what happens in (MORE)

How do you get romance?

I get romance from my husband by him being romantic. He surprises  me with little notes in the morning or writes one for me and puts  it into my lunch box. He takes me out a (MORE)
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Is there romance in Fablehaven?

Yes, there is romance in this book. Even fake romance. I've read them all. It's 'mazing
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How might Romanian being in the Romance language family help Romania?

Because the Romanian language is a language of Latin (Romanic) origin, it creates links for Romania beyond its location in east Europe. Major Romance languages include French, (MORE)

Which are Romance?

The Romance languages are sub-family, of the Latin-Italic family of languages. They include Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian and Moldovan. There are two reasons. (MORE)