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Why did the Irish blame Britain for the famine?

Its not that they blamed them for the famine as nothing couldve prevented it. They were angry as the british who had come into Ireland and taken over governments and things ga (MORE)
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How does famine happen?

A famine happen when there is a natural disaster like a drought or a flood. Sometimes it happens because there are overpopulated areas and there is not enough food to share or (MORE)

Why do famines happen?

Famines happen as a result of things such as; Natural Disasters, Lack of rain/drought and not much money. Most droughts happen in the developing countries (Third world countri (MORE)

How can you overcome famine?

Well, my guess is if you hear about a famine on the news or radio go grocery shopping ahead of time. Save the essential food items. When the famine arrives do NOT eat huge por (MORE)

What is a famine?

A famine is an extreme shortage of food, caused by drought, crop failure, disaster, or overpopulation. Famines are often characterized by starvation, and by emigration or exod (MORE)

What was the potato famine?

I believe the potato famine was when in Ireland, or somewhere nearthere, a disease that affected potatos, destroyed almost all of thepotato population, killing hundreds of Iri (MORE)