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What starts famine?

  People not having food, caused either by nature or by man.
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How does famine happen?

A famine happen when there is a natural disaster like a drought or a flood. Sometimes it happens because there are overpopulated areas and there is not enough food to share or (MORE)

How is famine caused?

Famine is simply caused by a countries (or whatever scale you are referring to: city, state, etc...) not having enough food to supply its population... that can be cause my a (MORE)

What to eat in famine?

During a famine, there is essentially nothing to eat. Things may  become extremely dire, leading people to dig through trash, eat  bugs, or even consume pets.

What is a famine?

A famine is an extreme shortage of food, caused by drought, crop failure, disaster, or overpopulation. Famines are often characterized by starvation, and by emigration or exod (MORE)

What does famine meen?

A famine is a period in time when there is not enough food to feed those affected by it.   Definitions of famine on the Web:   * dearth: an acute insufficiency  * a s (MORE)
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What is the German famine?

Depending on what time period you are talking about it can be a variety of things, although I'm assuming we're talking one of two famines: Or the WWI Famine, which hit Germa (MORE)

What is famine myths?

  If I stopped you on the street and told you that the spectre of famine was once again stalking the African continent, that millions were at risk of starving to death, wh (MORE)

How can you overcome famine?

Well, my guess is if you hear about a famine on the news or radio go grocery shopping ahead of time. Save the essential food items. When the famine arrives do NOT eat huge por (MORE)