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What is the great Famine?

The Great Famine was a large scale famine that struck Northern Europe early in the fourteenth century. It caused millions of deaths over an extended number of years and marks (MORE)

When was the first famine?

  There were two famines. One was right after freedom was granted. So, it began in 1921. The second famine was in 1932. It was caused by Russians who stole food from Ukrai (MORE)

Why do famines occur?

Famine occurs when governments don't have enough money to keep  there population fed. During the dry season famine occurs in  Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Sudan in Af (MORE)

Where famine happens?

Famine happens where ever human populations exceed the capacity of  the land to support food. This can happen due to temporary  conditions, such as unusual weather patterns. (MORE)

What is a famine?

A famine is an extreme shortage of food, caused by drought, crop failure, disaster, or overpopulation. Famines are often characterized by starvation, and by emigration or exod (MORE)

Why is there a famine in darfur?

The People of Darfur have been running up and down trying to escape the civil war that was/is being fought between the Darfur rebel groups and the Government of Sudan,under th (MORE)
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Is famine a disease?

No, famine is not a disease. It is an economic condition that wasunknown before civilization started. So, if it is considered adisease, then it is the disease of civilized lif (MORE)

What impact does a famine have?

it depends where you are located and what crops you re growing. The definition of the word famine is the drying of crops or lack of rain. the impact however is a different sto (MORE)