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What means fanat ad patolg?

Commonly used to describe bad and undesired atmosphere in web-forums. Examples of usage include: "I do not feel that this 'fanat ad patolg' atmosphere is worthwhile for me (MORE)
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What does diet fanatic mean?

someone who is obsessed with their dietary intake, usually a person who is always on a diet, watching their weight or wanting to lose weight. P.S Diets are a dirty word, no on (MORE)

How you use the word fanatic in a sentence?

My little sister is a Justin Bieber fanatic. She idolizes him! Some people simply enjoy football, but he's a real fanatic. She's such a fanatic you just can't have a logic (MORE)

Is film fanatic safe?

I myself did a little research to try and discover the answer to this very question, Norton Has deemed 'Fiml fanatic' safe. there seems to be no problems with it, but good on (MORE)

What is a sentence using the word fanatical?

Extremists can be fanatical in their actions in a chosen cause. The temperance leader Carrie Nation was considered fanatical after she began using a hatchet to damage bars and (MORE)

Is Television Fanatic a safe website?

The website itself is relatively safe but if you Download the  toolbar or anything else from that site prepare to pay for a  computer repair very soon!    ___________ (MORE)

Why do adolescents turn fanatic?

people have a natural tendency to defy authority, they are raging  with hormones and need for peer acceptance at highest levels in  puberty
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