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Was fandango a WWE superstar?

Fandango participated in a dark match on October 23rd 2012, and a  few after that. His vignette was shown recently on RAW. He IS a WWE  Superstar, it's just that WWE have no (MORE)

What Is a core-core type transformer?

A 'core type' transformer core is one in which the primary windings and secondary windings are placed around each of the limbs, as opposed to a 'shell type' core, in which the (MORE)

How many cores does core i7 have?

All shipping Core i7 processors have four cores but they each run two threads at a time so in a sense it's 8. Your computer will even recognize it as 8 cores.
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What is a core?

Core is the centre part of any celestial body. In electrical terms a core is an iron frame that wire coils are wrapped around to concentrate the magnetic flux that surrounds (MORE)

What is a fandango?

  A flamenco style courtship dance of Andalucia, Spain. Literally means, 'Go and Dance'
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You bought tickets on Fandango and didn't print them how do you get them back?

You're supposed to be able to pick up your tickets from the electronic kiosks at the theatre. You just need the credit card you paid with. It's usually a touch screen. You to (MORE)

What is coring?

One definition of coring is the removing of the central part of a  fruit. It is removing the seeds of a fruit. Coring is also the  process used to remove a cylindrical sampl (MORE)
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Why is the core called the core?

The core is the innermost layer of the earth and occupies its center. It is about 3500 km in radius. Core is further divided in to two layers : outer core and inner core.
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