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What is Fannie Lou Hammer famous for?

  Many reasons, here's one. During a time in America when black people were beingtreated very badly, she made a televised speech questioning America about things many othe (MORE)

What is a fanny tuck?

The shape of the buttocks can be altered by liposuction, implants, fat injections, and lifts. Buttock lifts are reserved for those cases in which the buttocks sag, with skin o (MORE)
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How do you lick fanny?

you gently release your tongue from your mouth, gently glide it into the vaginal region then instead of using it, start by inserting one toe at a time, and gradually insert yo (MORE)
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Who was Fanny Judelowitz?

Name: Fanny Judelowitz Date of Birth: October 27, 1992 Place of Birth: Liepaja, Latvia Fanny was the oldest of three girls born to a Jewish family in Baltic seaport of Li (MORE)

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