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Can Superman defeat The Fantastic Four?

The answer you're looking for is yes. We are definitely sure and there are many proofs for that answer. Superman's total percentage attack is 98.9% and "The Four Fantastic" to (MORE)
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What are the fantastic 4 movie titles?

1. Fantastic Four 2. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer A reboot of the series has been scheduled for production and the first one will release in 2015. 1. The Fantast (MORE)
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What are the Fantastic Four characters?

It depends if what movie.... The main characters are Johnney Storm, The human torch, Sue Storm or Richards be cause she got married, Invisible Woman, Reed Richards, Mr. Fantas (MORE)

Will there be fantastic Mr fox 2?

I've read that there won't be. Although I don't underestimate the possibility of a second due to the ending of the first one. Though there was only one book. Maybe I can searc (MORE)

What story is about a fantastic animal?

There are many stories about fantastic animals - one of them is  Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl, but you can find many  others by searching. If you ask a more specific ques (MORE)
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How did the Fantastic Four get their powers in the movie?

They are caught unshielded by cosmic energy clouds while in space, having gone to observe said clouds. The clouds arrived early and Reed, Susan and Johnny went outside to resc (MORE)
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What is fantastic as an abstract noun?

The word 'fantastic' has an obscure noun use as a word for an eccentric person. The abstract noun forms for the adjective fantastic are fantasticality or fantasticalness.
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What does fantastic mean?

The word Fantastic means fantasy-like, imaginative, or like make believe. In slang it means very good.   Answer   Amazing, wonderful, excellent, extraordinary, awesom (MORE)