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What are synonyms of fantastic?

There are a heck of a lot of synonyms for fantastic! Here is a list of mine. Incredible, Awesom, Wonderful, Amazing, Excellent, Marvelous, Fabulous, Spectacular, Stylized... ( (MORE)

How do you get the keys in fantastic in ratatouille for psp?

something like that. You have to turn on the fountain with the round nozzle. Look around the area. Then get all the way up to the ledge & jump onto some bushes to turn on the (MORE)

What does fantastic mean?

The word Fantastic means fantasy-like, imaginative, or like make believe. In slang it means very good.   Answer   Amazing, wonderful, excellent, extraordinary, awesom (MORE)

Fantastic in Italian?

" Fantastico " is an Italian equivalent of "fantastic." Specifically, the Italian word is the masculine singular form of an adjective. The pronunciation is "fahn-TAH-stee-koh (MORE)