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Fantastic in Italian?

" Fantastico " is an Italian equivalent of "fantastic." Specifically, the Italian word is the masculine singular form of an adjective. The pronunciation is "fahn-TAH-stee-koh (MORE)

What is fantastic story?

Fantastic Stories is a collection of six short stories written by Soviet author Andrei Sinyavsky under the pseudonym Abram Tertz between 1955 and 1961. The stories are title (MORE)

What are synonyms of fantastic?

There are a heck of a lot of synonyms for fantastic! Here is a list of mine. Incredible, Awesom, Wonderful, Amazing, Excellent, Marvelous, Fabulous, Spectacular, Stylized... (MORE)

Who is in the fantastic four?

The classic membership were Reed Richards and Sue Storm (later married), Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm. They were, respectively, Mr. Fantastic, The Invisible Girl (Invisible Wom (MORE)

What does fantastic mean?

The word Fantastic means fantasy-like, imaginative, or like make believe. In slang it means very good. Answer Amazing, wonderful, excellent, extraordinary, awesome, superb, g (MORE)