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What is the difference between near far and huge pointers?

  Answer     All three of these pointer types are specific to the Intel x86 segmented architecture, and those processors that emulate this architecture. Segmente (MORE)

What is far and near pointer and how are they used?

  Answer   It is a matter of the memory model you are using. On old or embedded systems, some memory was outside of the range of a normal pointer. If you have 4 meg (MORE)

How to declare near and far pointers in C?

It used to be a good question 30 years ago.   Right know you don't have to know anything about near and far  pointers; but if you still use a 16-bit compiler, select 'Lar (MORE)

What are far pointers near pointers and huge pointers in C language?

"near" and "far" pointers are actually non-standard qualifiers that you'll find only on x86 systems. They reflect the odd segmentation architecture of Intel processors. In sho (MORE)

What is near far and huge pointers How many bytes are occupied by them?

Near, far, and huge pointers are different types of pointers used to reconcile the different addressing models of the Intel 8086/8088 class processors, running in a 16-bit ope (MORE)

What is huge pointer generic pointer and far pointer?

Far Pointer is a pointer that is stored using four bytes (32 bits). The bytes are stored little endian or low to high order. A far pointer can access objects up to 16K in size (MORE)

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