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What Southern city was captured by Admiral David Farragut during the Civil War?

In command of the West Gulf Blockading Squadron aboard the USS  Hartford, he ran past the defending forts' batteries to take the  city and port of New Orleans, Louisiana, on (MORE)

How did Admiral Farragut capture New Orleans in 1862?

On April 29, 1862, David Farragut began the assault that would led  to the capture of New Orleans. He was able to get through the forts  of Jackson and St. Philip, as well a (MORE)

What is a square?

a square is a 2 dimensional plane figure shape that has 4 sides and corners. It has four sides of equal length and four 90 degree corners A square is a geometric shape who's s (MORE)

Why david g farragut was considered a hero in the north?

David G. Farragut implemented Winfield Scott's Anaconda Plan when  he stopped the South from controlling the major waterways, such as  the Mississippi River.
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What did Jorge Farragut do in the American revolution?

he was a full blood spanish man he helped council and he sent his troops to the gulf of mexico and he was captured
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What caused Union Admiral David Farragut to fail in the first Union attempt to capture Vicksburg?

After Admiral Farragut's successful capture of New Orleans, he set  his eyes on Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Natchez, Mississippi. He  captured both cities and he had at his d (MORE)