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Is this statement true when the Nazis gained power the fasces became the official emblem of Germany and was included in the national flag?

NO, it is not true.. The fasces was the emblem of the Italian fascist movement. Since this movement was the original extreme-right political organization, the name of their e (MORE)

What is the Latin for the material that bound the fasces?

The fasces were bound with leather cords. After searching through all my Latin dictionaries I could find no specific term for them. However the Latin for cord is "funiculus" s (MORE)

What movie and television projects has Tony Fasce been in?

Tony Fasce has: Played Ape Mahoney in "The Lloyd Bridges Show" in 1962. Played Benny Bycek in "The Fugitive" in 1963. Played 1st Young Man in "The John Forsythe Show" in 1965. (MORE)