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Where can you get fashion accessories in Pokemon Pearl?

Once a day, you can go to Veilstone city to give one of your Pokemon a massage. After the blond chick give the massage, she'll say she found something. It will be an accessory (MORE)

What is a fashion trendsetter?

A fashion trendsetter is someone who has such a unique and innovative fashion sense that the garments and/or accessories that they wear and the way they wear them, are followe (MORE)

What was the fashion in 2003?

  fashion in 2003:   from top to bottom:]   tank top with shrug   skinny jeans   and flats!
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What are scene accessories?

Ahh. Scene accessories, hey?  Well, there are a massive range to choose from. Big, chunky and bright is one option - but now people are also going for the cute, adorable look (MORE)
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How does fashion express me?

Fashion can express you in many different ways. If you dress colorful, you may be a very bubbly person. If you act a certain way, that is usually how you dress. So it is somet (MORE)

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Why do you fashion?

BECAUSE FASHION IS FABULOUSS DARLING  _______________________________________________ that is so OTT but  i agree It is Fabulous Babe    here You must have heard some (MORE)

What is the difference between fashion and fashioning?

fashion is a prevailing custom or style of dress, etiquette, socializing, etc.: the latest fashion in dresses.where as fashioning is to wear something (i.e. Bob is fashioning (MORE)
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Were is Claires accessories?

go to and click on "store locator" and put in your area info and it will show you. They are all over the world!
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