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What is the Haiphong Incident?

In November 1946 a French cruiser bombarded the northern Vietnamese port of Haiphong, causing an estimated 6000 civilian deaths. The incident sparked open warfare the followin (MORE)
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What is a point of incidence?

The point of incidence is the point where the ray of incidence strikes the mirror.
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What was the Helsinki Incident?

The Helsinki Incident of 1919 is a fictional event referenced in  the film Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. It is used a means of  explaining why the 'double-fault final-pl (MORE)

What is accident and incident?

The word accident has a negative implication and  could result in loss of life, or damage to goods. It means mishap,  an unforeseen event or an unplanned circumstance that o (MORE)

What is the Mukden incident?

  Part of a Japanese railroad near Mukden was blown; the Japanese blamed the Chinese for it, and used the incident as justification for invading Manchuria in 1931.
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What was the Chesapeake incident?

Answer   The Chesapeake Incident happened on December 7, 1863 when a group of confederates took the USS Chesapeake, a Northern ship doing a trade run from New York to Por (MORE)

What was the China incident?

The China Incident was basically the beginning of the second war  between China and Japan in 1937. This incident was the bombing of a  major bridge in China.
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What is an incident precursor?

  if someone punched you in the mouth for calling them an ugly name, the precursor to the punching incident would be when you called them the ugly name. one thing leads to (MORE)
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What is the rwandan incident?

The genocide took  place in the context of the Rwandan Civil War, an ongoing conflict  beginning in 1990 between the Hutu-led government and the Rwandan  Patriotic Front (R (MORE)