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What is fast food?

Answer \n. \nFast food is any type of food that can be acquired quickly and cheaply, usually when people are on the go or need something to eat quickly Food that is prepar (MORE)
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What is the fast foods?

Fast foods are called fast foods because they can be made/prepared in a very short amount of time. For example, if you have ever gone to a McDonalds, (which I believe applies (MORE)
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What can fast food do to you?

Fast food can hurt your body in multiple ways. Such as having a much higher fat intake than your body requires and clog your arteries.
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What is a fast food?

Fast food is food that you can have on the go. An example is KFC.
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Why is fast food called fast food?

Fast food is called fast food because they give it to you fast and it will make you fat fast.
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Fast food what can it do?

Fast food can give you E coli or Somenella eventually if you eat to much you can get clogged arteries and have a heart attack.
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Is subway food fast food?

yes it is. Though you load it with fresh veggies, the meats & cheeses are processed & full of fat & sodium. Also the bread can pack some serious calories. You may want to avoi (MORE)
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What is in fast food restaurant food?

It is helpful to understand what the government allows in feed or to be used in conventional production: . Dairy cows - antibiotics, pig & chicken byproducts, hormones (for (MORE)
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Does fast food have food poisoning?

It is a possibility that some fast food could have food poisoning.It is a possibility that any food can be tainted or contaminated.Regarding restaurants, unsafe and unhygenic (MORE)
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How fresh are fast foods food?

Most food used at fast food restaurants is frozen, so it is not actually fresh. How long it is frozen before it is used is not known. After food are cooked, there is a hold ti (MORE)