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What are Hamas Fatah and Hezbollah?

The Three Amigos, whose hatred for each other is exceeded only by their shared hatred for the majority inhabitants of one smallcountry in their neighborhood.
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What is the fatah movement?

they are a bunch of twits singing to the destruction of Gaza and the palestinian people. No resistance likee the true Muslims Hamas Fatah =corruption
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What is 'fatah' in Italian?

Vittoria is an Italian equivalent of 'fatah'. The word in Italian is a feminine gender noun whose definite article is 'la' ['the'] and whose indefinite is 'una' ['a, one']. I ( Full Answer )
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What is the basic difference between Hamas leaded by Haniya and Fatah leaded by ABBAs?

Both Hamas and Fatah share the same goal which is the final and complete destruction of israel. But while Hamas makes its stake exclusively on hte armked struggle, Fatah propo ( Full Answer )
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What movie and television projects has Abdel Fatah Al Kasri been in?

Abdel Fatah Al Kasri has: Performed in "Sidi Omar" in 1941. Performed in "El-muttahama" in 1942. Played Yunis in "Law kunt ghani" in 1942. Performed in "Laabet el sitt" in 194 ( Full Answer )
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What is the motto of Fatah?

The motto of Fatah is 'The winds cannot shake the mountain Ya Jabal Mayhezak Reeh'.
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What has the author Rohadi Abd Fatah written?

Rohadi Abd Fatah has written: 'Rekonstruksi pesantren masa depan' 'Analisa fatwa keagamaan dalam fiqh Islam' -- subject(s): Islamic law, Fatwas, Interpretation and constru ( Full Answer )