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How do you tell the father of your baby he is the father?

Be upfront and honest. Approach him calmly and at the right time. The right time should be when you know he is calm and relaxed and in a setting you know he will be comfortabl (MORE)

What is a father?

Father is a responsible person to which we develop our relationship to share everything. And as a kid to him, the father has very good responsibility to supply with all the r (MORE)
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Did your father have a will?

If your father had a will before his death, it will makes easier indealing with his estate. If there is no will, it could take yearsbefore things finally get settled.

Who is the Father of the Father of Jesus Christ?

there is no father of Jesus(pbuh) because he was born miraculously. ---. Answer: . God is without beginning. Pre-existent from all time. Before Him, nothing was.. He always (MORE)

Is it 'your father and I' or 'your father and me'?

Whether "your father and I" or "your father and me" is the correct construction depends entirely on how it is used in the sentence. "Your father and I" would be correct only w (MORE)
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Who is father fermin lasuen's father?

Father Fermin Lausen found many missions like Mission Santa Cruz.. He was born on June 7, 1736 and was born in Vitoria in Cantabria, Spain

Who is the father?

It sounds like your long lost love is most likely the father. Ofcourse it is something that is going to run through your mind, butI would stick with the doctor's estimate.