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What is fatigue?

Where you are physically or mentally exhausted. Stress makes you mentally exhausted, and hard work makes you physically tired. Also, you can get fatigue from working too much ( Full Answer )
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What is bending fatigue?

Bending fatigue is the tendency of a material to break. This isusually applicable to metals after repeated stress is applied.
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What is psychological fatigue?

When your mind is tired-like fatigue in the mind. If you are experiencing it, you feel tired and it is hard to think.
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What is fatigued?

Fatigued means mentally and physically tired or weary from exhaustion. A general lack of energy. It can be caused by stress, medication, over exertion to mention only a few.
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How you get your fatigue in dfo?

fatigue is renewed every day at 6am pst, you can also try lost treasure by opening it with a skeleton key (which you buy at the nx shop) to have a chance to get a potion that ( Full Answer )
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Is fatigue a synonym?

Fatigue is a synonym for tiredness and similar words. And you can reverse that and say that tiredness is a synonym for fatigue, too . Synonyms are words with similar ( Full Answer )
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Can fatigue be prevented?

Getting adequate rest and maintaining a consistent bedtime schedule are the most effective ways to combat fatigue.
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What is emotional fatigue?

It means that you have some issues you have are bad as they are no body needs i think if you were stressed and your minds going 100 per cent and your stress level is chronic y ( Full Answer )
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What are the causes of fatigue?

Fatigue may be the result of one or more environmental causes such as inadequate rest, improper diet, work and home stressors, or poor physical conditioning, or one symptom of ( Full Answer )
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What is an antonym of fatigue?

Well, fatigue basically means being tired. So, the antonym would have to mean filled with energy. One word is energetic.