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What is the layout of fax?

A fax is laid out just like a letter sent in the mail, except that  it has a cover page and a header on it.    The cover page is a page that is put at the front of the (MORE)

How do you send a fax from fax machine?

With a fax machine: . Put the document you wish to fax according to the orientationof the fax machine's sheet feeder. Dial the fax number where you wantto send the fax. Wai (MORE)

How do you fax something?

There are three main ways to fax something: With a fax machine,through a local store with a fax service, with a computer, oronline. Fax Machine A fax machine is used to se (MORE)

Do you need fax film to send a fax from a fax machine?

yes, but with fax by internet theres no need for you to have this. You only need an online account and an internet connected PC. This faxing technique is proven to be very cos (MORE)

When is fax used?

Fax machine is used when you need a fast transmission of copy or image of documents especially in far distances. But the trend right now is internet faxing which offers a more (MORE)
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How does a fax machine send a fax?

A fax machine sends a fax over the telephone line. When you scan a paper to initiate a fax the machine will digitize the material into a series of black and white dots. This (MORE)

Why won't the fax machine fax out?

There are many reasons your fax machine might be failing to send a  fax. First, there may be a problem with the fax machine itself,  including a paper jam or other mechanica (MORE)

What can faxes do?

Faxes are used to transfer or deliver important documents in long distances using the telephone lines. These documnets may include; contracts or any legal documents. The devel (MORE)