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What is fe curriculum?

Answer \nTo the best of my knowledge FE stands for further education, so an FE curriculum would constitute the things you learn at university.
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What does Fe mean?

If your question is referring to chemical symbols, the symbol Fe refers to the element iron . In the periodic table, it can be found in Group 8 and period 4.
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What is Fe Al?

Fe is ferrum or more commonly known as iron... Al is aluminium.... go read chemistry..
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What is fe used for?

Fe, also known as iron, is used for many different things such as pots and pans this is because it is a good conductor of heat.
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Does Fe Apesta?

Yes because "he" sucks!!. and because Fe means Faith and yup Faith is a loser and chupar means sucks in Spanish. Faith is actually a girl but everybody in "his" class hate ( Full Answer )
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Fe plus S FeS?

Yes, Fe (iron) plus S (sulfur) equals FeS (iron sulfide). If theiron ion is iron(ll) then it is iron(ll) sulfide; if it isiron(lll), then it iron(lll) sulfide.
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What is Fe-60?

It's most likely 60 Fe, also written iron-60, which is an isotope of iron with 60 nucleons (protons and neutrons). It doesn't occur in nature to any significant degree. It's ( Full Answer )
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Is Fe a solid?

Fe is the chemical symbol for iron, which is solid at room temperature. Its melting point is 1538 °C
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What is the element FeS?

FeS (iron sulphide) is a compound and not an element. It is comprised of two elements ; iron and sulphur.
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What is Fe AlO2?

Fe(AlO 2 ) 2 iron(II) aluminate is better written as FeAl 2 O 4 , and is better described as a mixed oxide with close packed oxide ions and Fe 2+ and Al 3+ occupying tetrah ( Full Answer )