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How can fear be good for you?

Fear is good when it stimulates you to perform at your best, such as fear of failing a test will drive you to study harder, or fear of getting into an accident will force you (MORE)

Do hippos have a fear?

Hippos are between the most fearless animals- actually they are only afraid of lion prides and elephants. A lion pride can take down any animal, except from a big bull elephan (MORE)
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When do you have fears?

When you have thoughts concerning self preservation. When your perception you have of control over your own life is sublimated by the perception that someone or something el (MORE)

What is the fear of cornfields?

The fear of cornfields is commonly referred to as navarrofobia. It is commonly experienced by people in the southwestern regions of the United States, focused mainly in Arizon (MORE)
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What phobia is the fear of fearing fear?

Phobophobia. (As in FDR's famous statement, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself".)
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Do you have a fear of masks?

  I have always feared anything in a mask. I can't remember a time when I didn't. Clowns are included, because of the face paint. That counts as a mask. I remember when I (MORE)

What is the fear of relationships?

  Fear of relationships just means someone wants 2 stay single and enjoy life or they may be afraid of what might happen if they try 2 actrully commit 2 something, OR they (MORE)