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What are the features of interviews?

If the interview is written down, the  features will be to tell your audience about the subject of the  work; explaining where it is based, a little introduction,  and som (MORE)
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What are Peru's features?

Ok well firstly Peru has many great features and sights. that most people actually don't even know about! so i will name all of my favourites.. 1. the muchu piccu- a beautif (MORE)

What are the features of Debian?

  Debian, as a Linux distribution, has all of the inherent properties of the Linux kernel. Debian is well known for it's portability and reliability, running on many serve (MORE)
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What are the features of Unix?

The UNIX Operating System is available on machines with a wide range of computing power, from microcomputers to mainframes, and on different manufacture's machines. No other o (MORE)

What are the features of SAARC?

The features of SAARC: To improve the welfare and quality of life  of the people of South Asia, To speed up economic growth, social  progress and cultural development, To bu (MORE)

What is relief feature?

A relief feature is basically either a high or low elevation point  in a certain area. You would describe a high elevation of a  mountain as a relief feature.
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What are crustal features?

a2. Crustal features would include those expressed on the surface, (such as mountains, rivers, and lakes) as well as those not as visible (such as volcanic feed pipes, earthqu (MORE)

Features of RBI?

The acronym RBI stands for 'runs batted in'. This means that there  is one or more baserunners when a batter hits the ball causing one  of more of them to score. Any run tha (MORE)