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What festivals are there in February?

there aren't any festivals in February. If you don't belive me, go to hell or ask your parents.
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Is Easter in February?

No. Easter can never fall in February. It can only fall betweenMarch 22 and April 25.
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Why is February called February?

The word is derived from the Latin februum , meaning purification. The purification ritual 'Februa' was held on February the 15th in Roman times.
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What are the trivia in February?

Feb.2010 trivia: Answer #1 is snickers,#2 is m&ms,#3 is lemonheads, #4 is starburst,#5 Big red,#6 is butterfingers,#7 is skittles,#8 is bazooka joe,#9 is pop rocks,#10 is life ( Full Answer )
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What holiday is in February?

The holidays in February in the United States are Washington'sBirthday (a national holiday known as Presidents Day in manystates) and the non-national holiday, Valentine's Day ( Full Answer )
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What is February sign?

There are two zodiac signs during the month of February. From January 21 to February 18 is the sign of Aquarius. From February 19 through March 20, you are born under the si ( Full Answer )
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What is a synonym for February?

Seeing as how February is a name, there are not technically any synonyms for it. However, you could call it "the second month".
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What are you if you were born February?

do you mean zodiac sign? horoscope? if you do your either a aquarius[jan 20-feb 18] or a pisces[feb 19-march 20].
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Why is there February 29th?

We have a 29th day of February every four years in order to keepthe Gregorian calender (the calendar in primary use in westerncountries and for world commerce) in phase with t ( Full Answer )