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How high is one story?

  Roughly 3-4 meters, or 10 feet. The exact height depends on the actual construction of the building.
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What is the story line of one piece?

It's a story about 17 year old Monkey D. Luffy's adventure to become the Pirate King, the pirate who rules over everything and owns everything. On his way are many hardships s (MORE)
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Is the xenoverse one of the four dimensions?

YES - The inside description of a context that is relative in size/structure (attributes/modes) to the known universe that we inhabit. A Universe, also known as a Cosmos, is (MORE)

In One Piece who are the 'four emperors'?

The previous members of the Yonkou were - 'Red Haired' Shanks, Whitebeard, Kaidou, and Charlotte Linlin, aka 'Big Mam'. Whitebeard has since been killed, but after the times (MORE)
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What is one half divided by four?

1/2 divided by 4. is 1/2 x the reciprical of 4 which is 1/4. so 1 x 1 = 1 and 2 x 4 = 8 therefore the answer is 1/8.
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How can one half of nine be four?

IF 4 is the question, one half of nine is not four, its 4.5. If use Roman numerals then "half" of nine can be four IX cut in half is IV and is therefore 4.
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