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What is feces?

Short answer: It is semi-solid body waste that is usually brown in color and hasan offensive odor. Longer answer: Feces or fecal matter is undigested waste that a human or ( Full Answer )
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What does feces do?

Feces doesn't actually do anything; it is waste that the bodydoesn't need. The only thing that feces has to do is wait to beexcreted. However, feces can harbor bacteria. It c ( Full Answer )
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Why do you have feces?

Feces is a product of the inability to digest certain types of food. Due to the diversity of organic nutrients and structure, it is impossible for an organism to break apart e ( Full Answer )
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Why does your feces have blood in it?

Normally it shouldn't. If it does, you probably have a bleeding hemorrhoid, but you should check it out with a doctor because there might be something serious such as internal ( Full Answer )
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What feces can be eaten?

None, because before fecal matter is mad all the nutrients are sucked out of the food and disposed into the bowels waiting for emptying.
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Can your feces be multicoloured?

Yes, fecal matter can come out in multiple colors during the same trip to the toilet. Lets supposed you ate a lot of fatty and light colored things like cheese and then a half ( Full Answer )
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What temperature is feces?

When it is freshly deposited, it is at the same temperature as the animal that deposited it. So human body waste will be at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit upon excretion and then coo ( Full Answer )
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Why is your feces purple?

Perhaps you ate something poisonous or you have been eating differently than normal to have any other colored feces. Certain medications may cause fecal matter to be purple, a ( Full Answer )
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How does feces get out?

The unconscious peristalsis of the large intestine helps movefaeces along until it reaches the rectum. At that point, you feelthe urge to defecate, and you consciously press o ( Full Answer )
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Why is there feces?

Feces or fecal matter is undigested animal waste. All mammals produce feces from the food they eat. Feces is what is left over after the digestive process that the body couldn ( Full Answer )