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What is fecundity?

Fecundity is synonymous with fertility; it means the capacity to produce numerous offspring. Fecundity is being fertile.
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Fecundity in a sentence?

  And what prompts her at three weeks of age to shrug off her nurse's togs and venture out into the world as a forager, a tireless gatherer of nectar and pollen, and the h (MORE)

What does fecund mean?

"Fecund" means productive , whether physically or intellectually. Rabbits are fecund. Agricultural land can be fecund. Beehoven was a fecund composer.
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What is fertility and fecundity?

In terms of reproduction, fecundity means the biological ability to have a particular quantity offspring. Fertility means the actual use of fecundity to produce the offspring. (MORE)

What is fecund-ability index?

Fecundity is the ability reproduce and is important in population ecology. In obstetrics and gynecology fucundability is the probability of being pregnant in a single menstrua (MORE)

What is a fecund imagination?

Fecund always strikes me as being a dirty word, even though it is not. It just has a very odd sound. It means richly fertile, prolific, highly imaginative.
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