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What is fecundity?

Fecundity is synonymous with fertility; it means the capacity to produce numerous offspring. Fecundity is being fertile.
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Fecundity in a sentence?

And what prompts her at three weeks of age to shrug off her nurse's togs and venture out into the world as a forager, a tireless gatherer of nectar and pollen, and the happens (MORE)
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What does fecund mean?

"Fecund" means productive , whether physically or intellectually. Rabbits are fecund. Agricultural land can be fecund. Beehoven was a fecund composer.
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What is fertility and fecundity?

In terms of reproduction, fecundity means the biological ability to have a particular quantity offspring. Fertility means the actual use of fecundity to produce the offspring. (MORE)
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What is fecundity in sheep?

Fecundity may be defined as the ability of a male or female to produce large number of functional Ova or sperm
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What is fecund-ability index?

Fecundity is the ability reproduce and is important in population ecology. In obstetrics and gynecology fucundability is the probability of being pregnant in a single menstrua (MORE)
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Do all species show the same fecundity?

No, they do not show the same fecundity. Fecundity means the ability to produce offspring in great numbers. Not all species give birth to numerous or even multiple offspring. (MORE)
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What is a fecund imagination?

Fecund always strikes me as being a dirty word, even though it is not. It just has a very odd sound. It means richly fertile, prolific, highly imaginative.