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When do horses have to be fed?

Answer . Horses are grazing animals and ultimately should be able to eat/graze all day- because we have domesticated them, they are normally fed twice a day morning and nig (MORE)

What is FED?

The abbreviation of FED can be used to mean many things. Thesemeanings can include field emission display, forward entry device,free enterprise day, free energy difference, an (MORE)
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What are pigs fed?

Pigs have a diet that is most similar to a human's. Give them apples or corn or meat or whatever. Probably not candy or ice cream or stuff like that, though.
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What is fed reserve?

The Federal Reserve is a central banking system belonging to theUnited States. The purpose of the Fed Reserve is to provide stab;eprices, maximum employment, and long-term int (MORE)