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What Is The Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI?

A organization in USA that is able to investigate crimes that are carried on across the borders of the states. It is the investigative arm of the USA. Department of Justice, a (MORE)

The office that investigate crime against a federal agency?

All government agencies have their own office of "Inspector General" but the FBI would likely be the lead agency in investigating crimes against the Federal government in gene (MORE)

How much does a warden for the Federal Bureau of Prisons make?

He would be a GS-15 unless he made Senior Executive Service. So depending on his promotions he is making between 100,000 to 125,000 in base salary. He can also qualify for per (MORE)
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How do you become confidential agent of National Bureau of Investigation?

Applicant for the position of Confidential Agent/s at the Philippine National Bureau of Investigation as of 2011 must be endorsed by a unit chief or unit deputy chief. The app (MORE)

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