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Who is federico garcia lorca and why was he so famous?

Federico Lorca was a Spanish poet,dramatist & theater director. He led a political movement known as generation of '27. After the Spanish civil war broke out, he was being sus (MORE)
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What is the summary of the falcon by federico falcon?

There is a young man who lost all his money who has a falcon whom he loves but more so loves the young beautiful woman... There is a young beautiful woman who has a son who l (MORE)

Who is francisco lao borromeo?

Francisco Lao Borromeo was the President and CEO of Asian Capital Equities who was accused of and was indicted for illegally trading stocks owned by his clients to the tune of (MORE)

Did Salvador Dali love Federico Garcia Lorca?

I believe that this question could be answered either Yes or No, regarding to which context you analyse the history and "still available proof". Salvador was, without doubt, a (MORE)